Septentrio wins prestigious Trends Gazelle award for fast growing companies

Leuven, Belgium (March 28, 2007) - Septentrio, a Belgian manufacturer of professional GPS and Galileo receivers, was awarded the 'Trends Gazelle Ambassador' award for fastest growing company today.
For the 6th time, the Belgian Business Magazine Trends compiled a list of 'Trends Gazelles', fast-growing companies that are important sources of innovation, employment, competitiveness and creative entrepreneurship, and that create a strong positive effect on the economic dynamics of the region. This list of fastest growing companies in Belgium is based on several objective metrics such as revenue, cash flow and personnel performance and growth, for the period 2001- 2005. Septentrio came out on top in the category of the small companies, and thus earned the title 'Ambassador'.

'This prestigious award belongs to the team,' said Peter Grognard, CEO of Septentrio. 'We are honored and proud to belong to the select group of entrepreneurial companies that figure in the list of Trends Gazelles. The outstanding technical abilities, flexibility and customer orientation of the Septentrio team and the good relations with customers and other stakeholders in the region and beyond, have allowed Septentrio to build a strong presence in the professional satellite navigation market, which continues to form the basis of growth in technology and employment.'

Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV designs, manufactures and sells commercial GPS receivers for precision-demanding applications in professional navigation, positioning and timing applications. Septentrio is also involved in the design of Galileo Receivers for all stages of the Galileo program, from early testing to final deployment, and has delivered the first Galileo receivers in the world to the European Space Agency.

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