TNO and IPCOS strategic alliance on Advanced Process Control solutions for the

On September 30th, 2006, TNO and IPCOS have formalized their strategic alliance to intensify their cooperation in the area of advanced process optimization and control solutions for glass furnaces and production. Over the years, there has been an intensive collaboration between both companies resulting in Advanced Process Control projects and a unique technological solution in which TNO's well-known Furnace Simulation
software GTM-X is applied on-line in combination with the IPCOS multivariable and model predictive INCA Controller. This combination of core competence, expertise and software lead to the industrial application of the LEONARDO Technology (i.e. Rigorous Model based Predictive Control), enabling the glass producers to make a substantial step in process optimization and to go into a new dimension of production flexibility and

In the new configuration, the companies are synchronizing further their business development, research programs and product development activities for the glass industries. This will accelerate the industrial roll-out of the LEONARDO technology within all glass producing sectors and the overall deployment of the two software tools that enables the industrial users to make their own on-line monitoring and High Performance Control systems.
The approach of applying comprehensive simulation models for on-line production optimization is also applied within other process industries in which both organizations
are active. Within this new strategic alliance it is decided that for the glass industry TNO will take the lead in the business development and project installations. Mr. Johan
Reijers, who was responsible for marketing and sales in glass industry at IPCOS, has changed position and is now working at the headquarters of TNO Glass Group. IPCOS still provides the industrial control technology, the software tools and the required man power for the installations.

In order to provide the industry with the required software tools GTM-X and INCA, TNO will further develop the Leonardo software suite. This software toolbox allows the user to
design, engineer and install of the on-line model predictive control systems without performing extensive tests on the actual production line; also with this unique approach
the multivariable controller has always the actual process model available for checking and optimizing her control actions, leading to an operation window with no limitations.
In the closed loop application, the supervisory control layer directs the available PID controllers automatically, 24 hours per day in de optimum way. In the open loop approach (GPS), it is an extreme powerful monitoring and soft-sensing tool for process technologist and operators necessary for process optimization aimed at improved energy efficiency and higher production yields.
IPCOS will fully focus on the further development of their general purpose INCA platform for Advanced Process Control applications, required for the INCA based control
systems within the process markets such as ammonia, oil and gas, cement, power and more. Customers in the glass industry all over the world benefit from the broad industrial
project execution experience of the IPCOS engineering staff and field engineers.
'Given the success over the past years further intensification of the cooperation between
IPCOS and TNO was a natural thing to do. In this new setting strengths of both parties
are combined, which will contribute directly to the benefits of our clients' says Peter Paul van 't Veen, Manager Process Modeling and Control Department of TNO.
'TNO has been one of our main partners both in research and development as in project execution since the start of IPCOS. Their domain expertise, captured in simulation
models and software tools, combined with IPCOS' expertise and APC solutions lead

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