TalkerBee: Integrated IM and Presence in any website

Androme launches TalkerBee, a brand new service that allows webdevelopers to easily integrate instant messaging and presence into their websites.

TalkerBee can be integrated into any website, and uses only HTML and Ajax. No client-side installation is required. Furthermore, TalkerBee is fully customizable, and does not require any private dataTalkerBee: Integrated IM and Presence in any website (e.g. emailaddresses or passwords) to be shared.

The use of direct communication through the web is booming since social platforms like Facebook and Netlog integrated their own chat-functionality. Integrating an IM-service into a website however requires a lot of know-how and infrastructure. Therefor TalkerBee tries to facilitate this process, and simplifies the integration. Integrating TalkerBee can be compared with integrating Google Adsense.

Visit: http://www.talkerbee.com for an online demo and more information, or contact: projectoffice@talkerbee.com

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