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Membership login and logout

By using their login and password, Leuven.Inc company members may access the secured memberpages.

The secured area provides access to the Leuven.Inc members directory as well as an online environment where company members can publish their company profile with logo, own events, news items and job vacancies.

  • The information held in the members directory is contributed and maintained by the Leuven.Inc company members
  • Profiles, events, news items and job vacancies entered by members will be published after approval by the editor

How to navigate after log-in?

Company members who are logged into the secured area, will find under "Home" the following navigation buttons:

  • My profile
  • My news
  • My events
  • My jobs
  • Company details
  • Individual details
  • My login

After log-in, they have full access to Company members' and Individual members' details with names of key persons and a short company profile of the Company members.

How to receive access to the secured memberpages?

To enter your own details and that of your company, you must first become a company member of Leuven.Inc.
If you don't have a member login and password yet and are interested in becoming a company member, please fill out the membership information form and we will get in touch with you soon.











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