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Membership benefits

Companies and individuals with areas of expertise ranging from micro-electronics, engineering, over health and medical research, to ICT, life sciences, food and materials as well as the service industries (legal, IP, accounting, banking,...) are members of the Leuven.Inc network.


If you are interested in Leuven.Inc membership or would like to receive further information, please fill out the membership information form or contact us by mail via admin@leuveninc.com.

Leuven.Inc company membership offers a number of advantages:

  • first of all the opportunities to meet peers/colleagues (CEO, CTO, CFO, CBDO, COO,…) during our well-attended networking events
  • participation in our seminars and theme sessions at member fee
  • personalised invitation for a nominated representative of the company for attendance at special events and the ability to bring one guest
  • flexibility of appointing delegates from within your company: attendance at events or seminars for a number of delegates from the company (depending on the membership category), this way enabling your HR, financial, marketing, R&D colleague to attend the activities that are within his/her area of interest
  • you can be replaced by a colleague in case you are unable to attend yourself
  • In case the maximum number of attendants has been exceeded, priority will be given to company members
  • full access to the www.leuveninc.com website and member pages and the opportunity to publish company related information such as a company profile, jobs, events, company news.
  • attendance at our Entrepreneurscafés (“members-only activity")  

(Associated) Company Member fees start from 200 euro on a yearly basis and are based on the number of staffing within your company. 

Students, pre-starters or individuals may opt for an individual membership. Individual membership offers the following rights:

  • Personalised and non transferable membership
  • Individual attendance at events or seminars
  • Personalised invitation to special events

Individual membership does not provide access to the Leuveninc.com member pages, nor does it provide the opportunity to publish company related information on the website.
















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