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Leuven.Inc organizes yearly numerous events.  During these events, like-minded people link up with each other to share and exchange knowledge, ideas, views and questions. They are the living proof that behind the exchange of knowledge and experience lie the impulses to continuously stimulate innovations.


The Leuven.Inc networking events

Entrepreneurscafés (closed activity - members only)

The entrepreneurscafé combines a company visit with an on-site discussion on a specific ‘hot’ topic in the area of entrepreneurship. The CEO shares his insights and valuable experiences with the group. About 6 companies a year open their doors for this networking event  

Visionary Seminars

The distinct visionary focus of these seminars gives an insight in the expected trends of the near future, allowing participants to evaluate their present-day product or technology and steer its development in the right direction to keep up with their competitors.  

Open Meetings

Every year numerous events are organised with focus on specific themes, based on present-day evolutions on the international market. These meetings are open for members and non-members.

Seminar Programs

Seminar Programs are open events composed of a number of modules around a specific theme, where each module goes further into a certain aspect of this theme. These programs are brought to you by guest speakers (professors, company experts, ‘in the field’ professionals).




 logo-kmo-portefeuille Leuven.Inc is a recognized training centre for the training cheques provided by the Ministry of the Flemish Community. Leuven.Inc's registration IDs are:
Pijler Opleiding: DV.O106761  -  Pijler Advies/Begeleiding: DV.A107912
Further info: www.kmo-portefeuille.be  



The Leuven.Inc 'Management of Innovative Starters and Growth-companies' programme

The project aims at helping and stimulating innovative starters and growth-companies in Flanders by offering tailor-made high-tech management coaching on topics going from Human Resources, Strategic Management, Marketing, Sales and Internationalization to Financial and Operational Management.
Start-ups and young technology companies interested in joining this project are invited to contact Leuven.Inc for further details.

A short overview of the project set-up and results of the 2009-2010, 2011-2012 and 2013-2015  programme are available here.

This programme is supported by:


europese unie

vlaanderen in actie

vlaamse overheid






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